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application area of Kolin industrial water chiller

Time:2020-12-21 Views:114

 Industrial cold water machine application fields of industrial cold water machine used in plastic processing machinery molding mold cooling, plastic products surface finish can be greatly improvement, cut plastic grain appearance and internal stress, don‘t make the goods shrink deformation, is advantageous for the plastic mold release, speed up the goods, and then greatly advances the power for the production of plastic molding machine;Industrial cold water machine is applied to the numerical control machine tool coordinate boring grinding processing base of combination machine tools and all kinds of precision machine tool spindle smooth transmission medium cooling and hydraulic pressure system, can accurately control the oil temperature, effectively reduce the thermal deformation of machine tool, the progress of the machining accuracy of machine tools home dehumidifier USES home dehumidifier usually choose the world famous brand compressor imported from domestic famous brand motor and humidity control system (humidity sensor), and the use of ABS plastic parts and panels, and other parts of home dehumidifier is widely used in machine room (medical powerTelecom), workshop warehouse (electronic industry garment grain leather tobacco glass paper), file management (public security) museum archives of the government bank, domestic industrial cold water machine industrial dehumidifier career vision for our future vision, industrial dehumidifier profession career in the optimists think that there are two different sound industrial base of dehumidifier mall though now small in our country, but as the economy developed, and the vision surely worth a few years in our country in the future industrial dehumidifier will get great into long in commercial aspect, carried out in recent years is very agile is an excellent proofShenzhen ke ling refrigeration equipment co., LTD is mainly engaged in industrial refrigeration equipment research and development design production sales and technical services, the main products are industrial cold water machine screw chiller low temperature cold water machine industrial air cooler and mould temperature control machine products such as a wide range of services in plastic electronic electroplating laser printing textile chemical industry packing medicine company in line with the principle of quality first service first, dedicated to ke ling brand construction;Adhere to the customer as the center, around customer demand for continuous innovation, timely to provide customers with a full range of high-quality products and services

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We are engaged in industrial refrigeration equipment development, design, production,sales and technical services,the main products are industrial chillers, screw chillers, low temperature chillers, and mold temperature controllers. The products are mainly served in plastics, electronics, electroplating, laser, printing, food, textiles, chemicals, packaging, pharmaceutical and other industries. With quality first, service-oriented principle, the company is committed to build "Kolin"brand.adhere to customer-centric,continuous innovation around the needs of customers,timely provide customers with comprehensive, high-quality products and services.