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influence on water chiller unit function by chilled water outlet temperature of industrial water chiller

Time:2020-12-21 Views:108

We often mention the refrigerating capacity of the industrial cold water machine, industrial chillers in the practice of nominal refrigerating capacity is when the environment temperature of 35 industrial cold water machine the refrigerating capacity of the water outlet temperature of chilled water for 7 in the practice operation, because the environment temperature and chilled water outlet temperature is different, so industrial cold water machine the capacity and compressor power consumption is also changing whether industrial chillers, air cooled is water-cooled industrial cold water machine, its capacity to follow the progress of the chilled water outlet temperature and adding, followed the environment into the progress of wind temperature and cut why can appear such circumstance?This is because when the outlet temperature of frozen water improves, the transpiration pressure of the corresponding industrial chiller improves, the inspiratory specific volume decreases, and the refrigerating capacity per unit volume and that of the industrial chiller both increase.When the ambient temperature improves, the condensing pressure in the industrial cold water mechanism cooling system improves. Because the transpiration temperature remains unchanged, its inspiratory specific volume also remains unchanged, the gas transmission coefficient of the compressor of the chiller decreases, and the refrigerating capacity per unit mass is reduced, so the refrigerating capacity of the industrial chiller also decreasesIndustrial cold water machine the consumption of power is to follow the progress of the water outlet temperature of chilled water and added, with the advancement of environmental temperature and adding, this is because the progress of chilled water temperature in the cold water machine, transpiration pressure progress, if the ambient temperature is constant (i.e., condensing pressure constant), the compression ratio decreases, and consumption of power cut, but the time of industrial cold water machine add power demand by the larger refrigerating capacity, the total power consumption is still add and compressorIf the ambient temperature and condensing pressure are improved, and the outlet temperature of the frozen water of the industrial chiller remains unchanged (namely, the transpiration pressure remains unchanged), the compression ratio increases at this time and the energy consumption is added. Therefore, the power needed to reduce the cooling capacity is slightly reduced, but the total energy consumption of the compressor still increases

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