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Air cooled water chiller use fan for heat dissipation itself

Time:2020-12-21 Views:148

Because many customers purchase air-cooled chillers are 24-hour non-stop work, and some of the regional water quality has impurities, coupled with the summer temperature is higher, therefore, the highest failure rate and air-cooled chiller attack stage, each user should be in front of the unit using the peak to the air-cooled chiller for a clean and maintenance, to reach the best refrigeration effect of air cooled chiller is used for cooling water tower equipmentSupply cooling and circulating water pump, cooling water tower is used for out of the cold water machine endothermic cooling water cooling, thus, a simple reproduction of the algae at the bottom of the water tower, the impurities in the water will follow the water into the pipe exists in the wall, that the user should once every three months in cleaning cooling tower and cooling water system of conditional user can also be used in water with water filter or water treatment equipment, to ensure that the water quality clean air cooled chiller is use itself of fan cooling, the water demand is not so severe water cold water machine, but to be on the safe side, the same can be mounted water filter or water treatment equipmentThe main basis for air-cooled chiller even receiving pipe diameter to the selection of fan cooling will set some impurities, therefore, should be regularly clean fan, sticking to its clean whether air-cooled chiller is still water, cold water machine, air-cooled chiller refrigeration effect and the use of the compressor condenser, air-cooled chiller condenser should clean every 6 months, minimum annual cleaning time, listen to the compressor noise at work, and regularly check frozen oil and lubricating oil system, when necessary, it should be replaced regularly and make upIn addition, check whether the dry filter is normal, whether there is a block, if the block is necessary to replace a new filter to see whether the refrigerant quantity is met, if not, need to make up

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